• Professional training programs from Jennifer Simmons who has years of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry, as well as years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant.
  • Experience accountability with our state of the art application and community leaderboard.
  • Jennifer will find creative ways to motivate you, support, and encourage you in a way that will work for you.
  • Video demonstrations to ensure proper form and technique to keep you safe and increase benefits from the workout.
  • Results. As you work remotely with Jennifer, stay consistent, and do your part, you WILL get results.
  • Jriven fitness is dedicated to giving you a great online training experience!


Couch to Cardio Level 1 is a 6-week program designed for TRUE beginners. This beginner program is set up to promote success and avoid burnout. No more feeling the pressure to go from sedentary to working out 5x/week for an hour each! This allows you to start with 2x/week and slowly build up your activity tolerance with movements that will be safe and healthy for your joints.

There is no equipment needed for this program, and all you will need is about 7-10 ft of space to move your body. Each week we progress your endurance and encourage you to feel more confident with each exercise as the routine is set for the entire 6 weeks! You won’t have to worry about learning 50 new exercises! We have you set up to master 10 exercises that will address all planes of movement and muscle groups.
  • DURATION: 6 Weeks
  • GOALS: To increase activity tolerance, exercise confidence, cardio endurance, and to improve overall fitness.
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your body! 7-10 ft of space to move
  • TRAINING SESSIONS: 12-35 minutes as you progress through the weeks!


Online training is accessible and more flexible than classes. You get personalized workouts from Jennifer Simmons who can help you stay safe and implement effective form throughout each workout.

More economical than Personal Training.

While personal training has its many benefits and can help an individual achieve great results, online training is more forgiving on the wallet. It allows you to get a personal training experience while sharing the expense with other participants.

Great support and motivation!

Our leaderboards and community feed enhances the workout experience as you receive support from the trainer as well as the other participants. Training together helps motivate and push you to levels you might not be able to push to on your own.

Adherence and Accountability.

When you have a trainer and a group holding you accountable, you are more likely to show up and stick to the program. Plus it’s FUN! Motivating each other get through a tough workout and seeing others achieve goals is rewarding and FUN!


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. 

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