• Couch to Cardio Level 1 is a 6-week program designed for TRUE beginners. This beginner program is set up to promote success and avoid burnout. No more feeling the pressure to go from sedentary to working out 5x/week for an hour each! This allows you to start with 2x/week and slowly build up your activity tolerance with movements that will be safe and healthy for your joints.
    There is no equipment needed for this program, and all you will need is about 7-10 ft of space to move your body. Each week we progress your endurance and encourage you to feel more confident with each exercise as the routine is set for the entire 6 weeks! You won’t have to worry about learning 50 new exercises! We have you set up to master 10 exercises that will address all planes of movement and muscle groups.
    • DURATION: 6 Weeks
    • GOALS: To increase activity tolerance, exercise confidence, cardio endurance, and to improve overall fitness.
    • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Your body! 7-10 ft of space to move
    • TRAINING SESSIONS: 12-35 minutes as you progress through the weeks!
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