At JRIVEN FITNESS, finding a healthy lifestyle that is attainable and maintainable is our top priority.  We believe that commitment, work ethic, resilience, and being “Jriven” is everything you need to help you reach your health and fitness goals.




ruby“I started taking a HIIT class at my local gym in 2013. Jennifer Simmons was the instructor. I had met her a few times throughout the years since I attended college with her husband. The HIIT class was crazy hard but I absolutely fell in love with Jen as an instructor! Not only does she motivate you during the class but watching her do the workout several months pregnant was incredibly inspiring!

“She is very genuine and truly one of the most wonderful people you will meet.”

I kept coming back for more because of Jen’s ability to awaken this sense of determination I didn’t know lurked deep within me! She doesn’t ask you to do anything that she won’t do; most of the time she is right there working it with me! I hurt my knee and after a several week hiatus I came back to her HIIT class. Jen showed me several modifications so I could still participate in class but at my level. I have gotten to know her much better in the last 3 years and I just LOVE her! She is very genuine and truly one of the most wonderful people you will meet. Jen exhibits profound dedication in helping others reach their goals through her ability to connect and build relationships with her clients. I have since completed several of her “bootcamp” sessions and I am totally HOOKED! I need Jen in my life! Her skill level as a trainer and group fitness instructor is unbelievable; seriously, she does a body good! Not only will she help you reach your fitness goals but she also inspires you mentally and emotionally; which is the true battle for many of us!”
– Ruby Walsh  

FullSizeRender (2)“Right when I met Jen, I knew that I wanted to work 1 on 1 with her!  It has now been 2 short months that I’ve been working with Jen, and I can’t say enough great things about her! Not only is she very fit and healthy, but she lives and breathes fitness and nutrition! She is always finding ways to increase her knowledge and abilities to help a variety of people with very diverse goals! She has a vast knowledge about how the body works and responds to the different types of training she uses! She also has a very broad knowledge about nutrition, which is 80% of the battle when trying to get healthy! She knows how training and nutrition work together to achieve goals!! The best part is she exemplifies how we should train and eat but most importantly how we can achieve our goals while doing these things in real life!

“She knows how training and nutrition work together to achieve goals!!”

Not only is she very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition she is the most motivating person I’ve ever been around! She pushes you to levels you never knew you could achieve! She is always giving words of encouragement to everyone she trains!
One of her number one focuses when training is that you do it with good form!  With the physical therapy background she has you always know that safety and good form are her number one priorities!

Aside from all of these amazing qualities that Jen has and that all trainers should have, she is the kindest most loving and patient person I’ve ever met. She truly cares about each one of her clients and their individual needs and goals! She is so patient with all of my questions and truly cares about ME! She is so fun to be around! I look forward to my time with her every week! I love her as a person as much as I do a trainer! She has definitely motivated me and taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle while still living a real life!



– Ashley


She is the absolute best in the business.”

” I have been a fitness enthusiast for a long time, but found myself in a fitness rut.  When I discovered Jennifer Simmons started Personal Training I knew I would get out of that rut.  I find Jennifer’s expertise and excitement so motivating that I want to work harder, lift heavier, and be as strong as I can be.  When the compliments come I give her 100% of the credit.  She is the absolute best in the business.”

– Barb Edwards 

FullSizeRender“Don’t say ” I can’t ” to Jen Simmons! I have found those words are not in her vocabulary! My name is Debi Spencer and I have never been more comfortable with my body as I am today. That is a recent mind set, I haven’t always been that way ! Whether you are over sixty, as I am , or under sixty I am here to tell you that you have the ability to accomplish any goal you have. All you really need is the total dedication and inspiration of an amazing tireless trainer! I am probably the worst physical train-wreck that you could ever meet. I have had an incredible life with horses and the outdoors which has lead to several major surgeries and a ton of injuries. I pretty much accepted these as the way it was and I will never get past them. I had been going to the gym to some classes there for 5 years or so. I was seeing no progress in my body conditioning and the things I couldn’t do before I still couldn’t do,( like balancing and upper body strength ) .I had heard of a different type of Boot-Camp class being offered at another place and decided to take a chance. What did I have to lose ? No change in my body !? I still had a very weak right side from all the joint replacements and a left shoulder I couldn’t use very well yet.  

“She has a rare quality of balancing hard work and technical ability that guides me through to small physical goals.”

A long story short is that I signed up for just a few weeks, only a trial thing. I had lost any hope of changing anyways. I was just the way I was, and I may as well get used to it.  To my surprise I began to have faith in Jen who worked with me there. I asked if she would be willing to work with me as my personal trainer. She was willing to take me on even after I had told her of all the exercises that I couldn’t do and all of the reasons I couldn’t . She has overcome all of those ‘ old beliefs ‘ I had in my head, and continues to do that to this day! That was the bigger issue with me that I had to get beyond, I was afraid to try because I had a fear of failure.It was all “between my ears”, as much as my physical injuries. WHAT A BREAK THROUGH !! I am free to try now ! I still have them crop up on occasion but as I continue with Jen we work together through it all! She has a rare quality of balancing hard work and technical ability that guides me through to small physical goals. With my hard work and her enthusiastic dedication ” I CAN ” today ! I CAN reach things in the cupboard ; I CAN stand straight and not hunch over ; I CAN lift those hay bales; I CAN put my saddle on my horse by myself ! These are just a few of the everyday functional things I can do today because I train with her. I have confidence and I know I am a great deal stronger than I ever thought I could be. I go to combat classes, step classes, and I train my mind and body with Jen. So, I challenge you to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to not settle for less than you can be. Don’t fear success and there is no failure when you give it your all ! There is only one catch – you need an exceptional trainer and friend to show you the way, Thank You Jen !”

– Deb Spencer

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